GCEP Presents:
The Emergency Procedure Course

An Online and Simulation-based procedure course for the emergency physician

It is difficult for the physician working in the emergency room to maintain their procedural skills if they are not done on a regular basis. The Georgia College of Emergency Physicians (GCEP) and the Department of Emergency Medicine of the Georgia Regents University (GRU) has developed a course to help maintain these vital skills.

The course is divided into two parts. The didactic portion is an online tutorial with video demonstrations of each of the procedures. This tutorial can be viewed at your leisure. The simulation and demonstration portion will be conducted in-person. It is best to review the tutorial and videos prior to attending the simulation and demonstration portion.

During the simulation and demonstration, high quality, mixed-tissue simulators will be available to practice and perform each of the procedures. Instructors will be available to critique, as well as, provide guidance on the performance of each of the procedures, if needed. At the completion of the course a certificate confirming satisfactory performance of the procedures will be provided to participants. This certificate may be of value during hospital credentialing or re-credentialing processes.

Procedures to be covered include:

• Airway Procedures: BVM, Direct laryngoscopy, use of Bougie, LMA insertion
• Surgical Airway Procedures: Closed crichothyrotomy, Open crichothyrotomy
• Chest Procedures: Needle thoracostomy, Thoracostomy (placing a chest tube)
• Vascular Access: Femoral/Internal Jugular vascular access, Intraosseous access
• Other Procedures: Lumbar puncture, Arthrocentesis

For more information or to schedule a course at your hospital or for your physician group please contact Tara Morrison, GCEP Executive Director, at tara@theassociationcompany.com or (770) 613-0932.

To access the online tutorial after being given a username and password click the link below...